Most companies do not have the budget to maintain a full-time network staff, enter Technical Know-How, Inc. We offer a full range of network services, from design to installation, monitoring and management. At some point every company out grows their network capacity and must improve or redesign their existing network to facilitate further growth. The first step in this process is determining what the requirements are of this growth. To often, companies over design their network layout and capacity wasting valuable resources better spent elsewhere. The employees of Technical Know-How have the technical background to properly design and size you network to maximize the return to your company.

Security is an integral part of designing a network. Security should never be an after thought otherwise your company will join the ranks of the companies that notify their customers their data was compromised or worse. Our staff receives training in the latest techniques and hold certifications from SANS the leader in IT Security issues and training. This expertise and know-how is applied to every network we design.

The last area related to network design is recovery. There are different aspects of recovery here we are referring to network connection recovery. Usually people think of this as loosing their access to the Internet however internal connection lose is equally disruptive to your business. One of the main problem points is maintaining connectivity between production servers and critical use points. Critical use points include the users, data feeds and backup systems. If either of the first two critical points is broken then your business stops. If your backup critical point breaks then your business is at risk because it only rains when you forget your umbrella!

Topology, security, recovery complete the picture of network design. We think a picture is worth a thousand words so here is an example of a complex network design covering all the areas of our discussion. We hope this helps you understand the topic a little better and leads you to hire Technical Know-How, Inc for your network design, installation, monitoring and management needs. Please contact us at for further information.