Hosting Services

Location, location, location.  This is the mantra of business success.  A business cannot survive in seclusion, far removed from its customer base.  Today’s businesses cannot survive without an Internet presence.  Today’s business must all be Internet-based businesses even if they are not selling anything on-line.  In choosing you businesses Internet location you need to understand the structure and where you are located in the Internet.  The Internet is composed of a structure very similar to a river system or road infrastructure.

Dial-up connections (yes they still exist, though only in very remote areas) are equivalent to secondary roads, cable and DSL connections, routes are the main roads, and Internet Backbone lines, Super Highways. What does this mean to your business? The closer you are to the Internet backbone the more content you can push with the least delay to your customer base. This is referred to as bandwidth. Bandwidth equals capacity. Technical Know-How, Inc provides direct connection to the Internet Backbone or Internet Super Highway for your business.

Despite the old business mantra, location is not the only factor in the success of an Internet based business or business component.  Security and Reliability cannot be ignored when choosing a “location” (host) for your Internet business.  Ignoring these factors puts many e-businesses out of business despite otherwise successful operations. Because of Security and Reliability issues Technical Know-How, Inc only promotes its UNIX based hosting plans. Windows-based hosting plans are supported for legacy customers only.

When seeking a hosting package for your business do not look for a specific platform but rather specific features or functionality your business requires. Leave the technology to us, your technology partners with the expertise to help your business.