Corporate Philosophy

Technical Know-How, Inc. takes a unique look at customer service and satisfaction. Our motto is the customer is NOT always right! Let us explain. We believe that the customer while always right about what they want may not be correct about what they need or will meet their needs and expectations. For numerous reasons customers tend to want what they don’t need or what is beyond the scope of their needs. This is where we come in. Technical Know-How’s commitment to the customer is to be honest and straightforward in our deals with them. What this means is that we will not support services or courses of action that we think will be contrary to your needs and success. This isn’t to say we won’t comply with your wishes. However, we will be blatantly honest about our opinion regarding your choices. So we ask you, the customer, to ask yourself this question: Who would you want working for you, a company that blindly fills your requests regardless of the inflated price compared to your need, OR a company that honestly presents you with your options offering competent, technical advice on which option best fits your needs? At Technical Know-How, Inc., we are committed to this philosophy so that we may provide you with the best, most efficient service enabling you to compete in today’s Global economy.