No business can ignore security in today’s business environment. Customers want to know you are protecting them even after they are done doing business with you. To adequately do this you need a full-time staff of at least two competent people, they don’t come cheap. Technical Know-How offers a full range of security services from policy generation matching your business model, network and computer hardening, auditing and monitoring, network design to physical security, compromise investigation and prosecution preparation. To complement our in-house technical expertise we recently acquired a security firm for physical security and prosecution preparation.

Security should never be an after thought otherwise your company will join the ranks of the companies that notify their customers their data was compromised or worse. Our staff receives training in the latest techniques from SANS the leader in IT Security issues and training. This expertise and know-how is applied to every policy we write, network we secure or monitor, system we harden and investigation we handle. Please contact us at for further information.