About TKH

A Letter from our President and CEO

The Internet has forever changed the way we live our lives and transact our business. The Internet is also a source of constant change for both our personal and professional lives. Over the past several years we have seen incredible expansion and retreat into Internet ventures and technology ‘solutions’ for our businesses and the businesses we deal with. By this statement it is clear that not all of these ventures are successful. This is not surprising to a reasonable person. This is not unique to e-Ventures. Every business sector has its success and failure stories. In-veritably the success stories revolve around two types of companies, those that took a chance at the right time and those companies that focus on what they know and are experienced in.  Expertise and specialization typically equates to success.  Enter Technical Know-How.

We founded Technical Know-How in 1999 because of the apparent needs of the business community for technical expertise. With the rapid growth of the computer industry and its related areas a corresponding shortage of expertise has grown. To effectively stay in business you must deal with words like, security, connectivity, networks, bandwidth, B2B, B2C, e-commerce, and the list goes on and on. Every vendor has the best product and everyone that can turn on a computer seems to purport to be a computer expert. What is a business to do? Success hinges on the technological decisions we make because of the expense and the possibility your investment will be obsolete is 6 months. Enter Technical Know-How.

Technical Know-How is here for the businesses of tomorrow. Maintaining a technologically skilled full-time staff can be prohibitive in this increasingly ‘virtual’ world. This is not a pitch for remotely managed services or outsourcing, it is a statement of fact. Even with the proper staff there are rarely enough hours in the week to maintain, manage and innovate. Enter Technical Know-How. We are here to provide your business the level of technological support you need with our products and services.

We believe if it can be imagined, it can be done. Technical Know-How can be your company’s greatest asset. Providing you with the tools and resources to compete globally while operating on a local budget. Our standard services include hosting services for ALL businesses, e-commerce solutions and website development. Our specialized services and expertise extend to include: electronic and physical security issues; network planning, construction, implementation and management; system and network audits, and on-line and on site custom training. We specialize in the Technological, Security and Internet issues facing today’s and tomorrow’s businesses. All of these services are supported by our Research and Development department were we work to improve the tools and components available to your company. Active Research and Development insures we stay abreast of current technological trends while striving to drive future trends. Let Technical Know-How keep your company ahead of the competition, contact us today.