Raspberry Strudel: My Raspberry Pi in Austria

I remember my first colocated server rather fondly. It was a 1U Supermicro that had
been decommissioned from my employer after a few years’ service. Although it was too
old and slow for my company, the 800MHz CPU, 1GB RAM and 36GB SCSI storage was
perfect for my needs back in 2005. A friend was kind enough to allow me to colocate
the server at his facility for free. more>>

Raspberry Pi: the Perfect Home Server

Raspberry Pi

Ever since the announcement of the Raspberry Pi, sites all across the
Internet have offered lots of interesting and challenging uses for this
exciting device. Although all of those ideas are great, the most obvious
and perhaps least glamorous use for the Raspberry Pi (RPi) is creating
your perfect home server.

Home, My Backup Data Center

New Linux users often ask me “what is the best way to learn about
My advice always comes down to this: install and use Linux (any distribution
will do but something stable works better), and more>>