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New Linux users often ask me “what is the best way to learn about
My advice always comes down to this: install and use Linux (any distribution
will do but something stable works better), and more>>

Troubleshooting with Telnet

Poor telnet, it used to be the cool kid on the block. It was the program all
sysadmins turned to when they needed to connect to a remote server. Telnet
just wasn’t that good at keeping a secret—all communication went over plain
text—so administrators started switching to SSH for encrypted remote shell
sessions. more>>

Getting Started with Salt Stack-the Other Configuration Management System Built with Python

I was proudly wearing one of my Salt Stack shirts the other day when my daughter
asked me, “What is Salt Stack?”
I began by explaining the problem it solved.
If you have multiple servers and want to do things to those servers, you
would need to log in to each one and do those things one at a time on each one.
They could be fairly simple tasks like restarting them or checking how long
they have been running. Or, you might want to do more complicated things like
installing software and then configuring that software based upon your own specific
criteria. You also might want to add users and configure permissions for them.